Words from our Founder & Creative Director on IWD

March 08, 2020

Words from our Founder & Creative Director on IWD

In celebration of International Women's Day 2020, an interview with Founder and Creative Director Fiona Myer on the role of women in fashion, and the responsibility we share to elevate strong female stories. 

Role of fashion.
Fashion is to compliment women's lifestyles that have changed over decades. It is the necessities of life, a need to accomodate all women, whether they be teenagers, young mothers and right through to middle age. I feel this sense of dressing has changed and to be able to dress in a streamline way without the fuss is something important to me when I design. Accomodating women's needs in terms of size and fit, so that they feel comfortable and empowered. 

Most empowering pieces.
I would say the one I'm wearing, The Velvet Maxi trench coat paired with Phillipa dress. I was in the Paris Showroom a couple of weeks ago, threw this on and it just made me feel good.

Go-to outfit.
When I think about it, I was a bit of a tomboy so it was very much about blue jeans and runners (Spalding runners in those days) and a white T shirt. Hold that space, that could be the next collection.

Incorporating the "tomboy" aspect into design.
I feel that theres a resurgence and a connection between menswear. Menswear is largely about lifestyle and comfort and theres a real cross section between womenswear and menswear. As women, yes we want to feel empowered and special, but we equally just want to feel comfortable. I would say that intertwining practicality and design is important.

Words of wisdom for this generation of women.
Thinking from a motherly and professional perspective, just be true to yourself. Be kind to yourself, love yourself, we aren't going to get it right all the time but just give it a go! Give everything a chance and don't raise the bar too high or have expectations that are unforeseen, just be kind to yourself, I believe thats the real message in it. 



Sizing Chart

White Story garments vary from fitted to relaxed off body styling. Please also take into consideration the fabrication chosen as some allow for stretch while others are structured. Each design is still created to fit around the measurement notes below. 


Numerical Sizing

Sizes 6 . 8 . 10 . 12 . 14

All measurements listed below are in centimetres and based on actual body measurements, not garment measurements.



Alpha Sizing

Sizes XS . S . M . L . XL

XS is equivalent to a size 6.

S is equivalent to a size 8.

M is equivalent to a size 10.

L is equivalent to a size 12.

XL is equivalent to a size 14.

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