Discover purity, simplicity, redefined sophistication and timeless pieces, as each chapter is told and unfolds.

We're proud of what we do

We want to share with you our story as we support, communities in need, sustainability and ethically sourced fashion.

Our Story

White Story reveals purity, simplicity, redefined sophistication through timeless pieces, as each chapter of the story is told and unfolds. An alternative to the fast paced fashion cycles, White Story is dedicated to the philosophy of simplicity. Designed and Made in Australia with a single focus to create quintessential pieces that transcends time and generations.


We care about the future and have always understood the importance of caring for our environment, social responsibility and Australian made products, hence the WHITE STORY was born. We are dedicated to improving everything we do as we spread the word about the importance of caring for our future. We hope to enrich and empower you as our chapters unfold.

Our Boutiques

Armadale House

1022 High St. Armadale Victoria. Australia 3143

P. 03 9509 9752

Sorrento Beach House:

52 Ocean Beach Road. Sorrento Victoria. Australia 3943

P. 0359843168