On Tuesday the 2nd of March we celebrated International Women's Day in partnership with L'Oréal Australia with a panel discussion. The panel brought together distinguished women from different industries and generations sharing stories and knowledge of what leadership looks like today, and how we can support and inspire the next generation of confident female leaders.

 Susan Mtonga, Christine Burke & Dr Lynn Burmeister

Panelists - Susan Wnukowska-Mtonga, Christine Burke & Dr Lynn Burmeister 

Moderated by Jessica Myer, the celebrated Australian businesswomen included  
the Hon Julie Bishop Chancellor Australian National University, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs;
Christine Burke Communications Director, L'Oréal Australia; 
Maggie Zhou Managing Director Alibaba Group [Australia and New Zealand];
Dr Lynn Burmeister Leading IVF Doctor, Medical Director at No. 1 Fertility
and Susan Wnukowska-Mtonga Human Rights Lawyer - The Clooney Foundation for Justice. 


Hon Julie Bishop 

“My philosophy was and is, if you are the first woman to take on a role then you

should make it easier, not harder for the next woman who follows you.”

- Hon Julie Bishop.

Table setting

Rebecca Harding & Shirin Pulitano
Guests - Rebecca Harding & Shirin Pulitano

Kath Garnaut
Guest - Kath Garnaut 

Sarah Myer, Christine Burke, Fiona Myer & Jessica Myer
Sarah Myer, Christine Burke, Fiona Myer & Jessica Myer

"Everyone has a story" - Fiona Myer
March 03, 2021 — White Story