An introduction to the Sorrento Beach House

November 17, 2020

An introduction to the Sorrento Beach House

Introducing W.S Beach House, on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. 

52 Ocean Beach Rd. Sorrento. 

Imagined as a local beach club for the coast - this is a place to come together.

Designed as the latest chapter of our story, the Beach House is home to an expanded resort range filled with summer towelling, accessories and homewares, with plenty of signature white. 

Like the best summer vacations, we aren’t arriving alone. To mark the first chapter of our partnership with Sparrows Weave, this summer signals the arrival of their signature wicker bags to the coast. Also making the migration, a showcase of local artists curated by Fiona, as part of a series of houseguests to be announced in the coming months. 

A place to come for the craftsmanship, and stay for the conversations, we look forward to sharing this story with you all.


Sizing Chart

White Story garments vary from fitted to relaxed off body styling. Please also take into consideration the fabrication chosen as some allow for stretch while others are structured. Each design is still created to fit around the measurement notes below. 


Numerical Sizing

Sizes 6 . 8 . 10 . 12 . 14

All measurements listed below are in centimetres and based on actual body measurements, not garment measurements.



Alpha Sizing

Sizes XS . S . M . L . XL

XS is equivalent to a size 6.

S is equivalent to a size 8.

M is equivalent to a size 10.

L is equivalent to a size 12.

XL is equivalent to a size 14.

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