A Chapter at Home

June 25, 2020

A Chapter at Home


Notes on our latest collection, a reflection of the wild terrain we call home.

As we all adapt to a new normal, this chapter marks the raw beauty of our natural environment, during a moment we are on home soil to savour it. This is not the year for travel, it is the year for exploring our own front door step, taking time to marvel at the nature we are born from. Because while venturing far indulges our curiosity, now more than ever, there is no place like home.

Our latest chapter is an acknowledgement of our Australian homeland, in all its exquisite contradictions. A terrain that embraces brutality and generosity in equal measures, our homeland is nothing without its rugged juxtapositions, and our latest collection is no different. 

A mix of indulgent cashmere with utilitarian linen, of floaty maxi’s with tailored blazers, this chapter is our answer to the uncertainty we find ourselves in. An edit of go-to pieces that nurture the senses as we navigate these trying times, and embolden our courage as we get on with it. 

This is a chapter for our journey forward, inspired by Australia, made in Australia.

Sizing Chart


Size chart

All measurements listed below are in centimetres and based on actual body measurements, not garment measurements.

White Story styles vary from fitted to relaxed off body styling however, each design is still created to fit around the measurement chart specifications.

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