Oliver James Lilos - Panama Integral

$1,350.00 AUD


Inflatable lilos create a memorable floating experience.

All the materials have been carefully sourced to ensure the durability and sustainability. See the Technical Specifications below for more information. 



WIDTH 84cm

LENGHT 160cm





Oliver James lilo; cover and inflatable
USB Rechargeable Pump
OJ Storage Strap
OJ lilo bag
OJ Pump Bag
TPU Repair Patches
Owner's Manual


Covers are in industry-leading outdoor performance fabrics. These beautiful woven materials create a luxurious feel of unparalleled quality.

Inflatables are made of thick, puncture-proof, rubberized TPU Polyurethane film, the most durable and recyclable material currently available for inflatables.

The texture means that your lilo has all the benefits of an inflatable but feels palatial.  


Inflate your lilo slowly until the float is firm to your liking. For more pressure you can top up the float with your breath but be careful to not over-inflate. When inflated, the air chambers feel firm to the touch. Do not over-inflate until hard. Oliver James recommends using the li-on electric/rechargeable inflatable air mattress pump to inflate your float. Do not use air compressors or compressed air to inflate. Use of an air compressor or over-inflation can rupture the product beyond repair and voids any warranty.


Day to day there is no problem in leaving your lilo inflated. However, when used in chlorine or saltwater we suggest routinely rinsing your float with fresh water. If you are going away for an extended period of time, we suggest storing your float in a cool and dry place. Ensure float is completely dry. Deflate until flat, roll, strap up and store in your lilo bag. 

Store your deflated LILO float in a cool, dry place with no UV exposure to protect against sun damage.