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Fueguia 50ml EDP.

Fueguia 50ml EDP.

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AQUA MAGNOLIANA: Inspired of the exotic flowers of the magnolia fragantissima and the Amazonian magnolia, this Agua Magnoliana represents the delicate floral fragrance of a gigantic Amazonian tree, guardian of the rainforest.

Tonic note: Magnolia
Dominant note: Jasmine
Sub Dominant: Sandalwood


AMALIA: Homage to a friendship. On the coast of Uruguay, a number of Uruguayan and Asian jasmines fraternize in this perfume.

Tonic note: Jasmine
Dominant note: Musk
Sub Dominant: Ambergris


BIBLIOTECA DE BABEL: Cedar shelves, heavy leather bookbindings, vellum leaves, the smell of ink. The complex environment of an old book is brought to life.

Tonic note: Austrocedrus
Dominant Note: Cabreuva
Sub Dominant: Cinnamon 


CACTUS AZUL: In a garden facing the sea of Uruguay, a Cactus Flower discovers a corner to feel the soft coat of a sunbeam.

Tonic note: Cactus Flower
Dominant Note: Cedarwood
Sub Dominant: Nanah Mint


DARWIN: Charles Darwin begins "The Origin of Species" in Patagonia, initiating a collection of plants and fossils. We imagined the fragrance of his cabin.

Tonic note: Cedarwood
Dominant Note: Vetiver
Sub Dominant: Grapefruit


DUNAS DE UNCUERPO: Reminiscence to the salt scent of youthful skin during summer nights. The memories of summer, women curves and beach dunes.This fragrance constitutes a pure amber composition.

Tonic note: Oud
Dominant Note: Olibanum
Sub Dominant: Sandalwood


ELOGIO DE LA SOMBRA: The Iris sepals open.

Tonic note: Iris
Dominant Note: Rose
Sub Dominant: Lemon

ETT HEM: The cozy feeling that an open fire creates, while it’s freezing outside. All the best woods and spices are gathered here to celebrate the feeling of being finally... Home! 

Tonic note: Sandalwood
Dominant Note: Cedarwood
Sub Dominant:  Black Pepper


HUMBOLDT: Behind the mist, the sound of an Indian biting a glistering passion fruit. Alexander Von Humboldt is seduced by the fresh air.

Tonic note: Bergamot
Dominant Note: Passion Fruit
Sub Dominant: Tangerine


JACARANDA: The jacaranda blossoms fall behind a misty window. An arpeggio played on a nineteenth-century guitar makes the beautiful silence disappear. 

Tonic note: Rosewood
Dominant note: Mahogany
Sub Dominant: Spruce


JUAN MANUEL: Controversial and conflicting, just as our favorite tyrant, Juan Manuel de Rosas. 

Perfume Chord: Woods
Tonic Note: Rose



VALLE DE LA LUNA: The arid ground is made fertile for the most unlikely species; an iris that grows along the lunar terraine, a desert belonging to another world. ​

Tonic note: Iris
Dominant note: Sandalwood
Sub Dominant: Amber



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