Spring Summer 18


I am imaging a polaroid moment...

And then I open the drawer and pull out a photo album of my childhood. So I pause to snatch a

moment to reflect…

These childhood memories take me back to the intense heat of our Australian summer holidays

spent at the beach…

It was filled with innocence, it was fun, there was laughter, without a care in the world…

The station wagon filled with picnic baskets of snacks, iced cordials, home made sandwiches…

Days were spent building sandcastles and digging moats waiting for the sea water to come

rushing in and send our boats spinning.

Red and white striped umbrella pitched to protect us from the mid day sun. We open the esky

to rounds of ribbon sandwiches and frozen sunny boys.

It was an innocent time. It was uncomplicated. It was the simple pleasures.

Summer ’18 collection reflects whimsical and carefree styling where primary red is borrowed

from the umbrellas and beach towel ticking stripes. Red and white striped grossgrain become

the highlight to the collection’s pure cottons and pared back shapes.

Cool summer maxi dresses and flared summer shorts are seen paired with plain white shirts

with individually hand made red and white pocket art. Bra tops are teamed with the new skinny

cropped capri pants while the wide flair makes the statement.

A celebration of freedom.

Another chapter of my life.

"Everyone has a story."