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Strong Women with a Story - Rabia Siddique

May 01, 2020

Strong Women with a Story - Rabia Siddique

Strong Women with a Story

We are delighted to have Rabia Siddique join the White Story family as our Ambassador.  

As a humanitarian activist, Rabia brings a lifetime of experience in dealing with times of adversity.

White Story’s Creative Director, Fiona Myer and Rabia  Siddique’s bond was formed  from a mutual passion  for unlocking human potential. 

It proved to be true serendipity that two like minded women found each other in times of global uncertainty.

Rabia joins our multicultural team of Italian, Greek, Russian, Croatian, Korean, Polish and Australian Women. Rabia performs many roles from activist, lawyer, multi award winning public speaker and mother.
It is our hope that fashion may become a powerful vessel for women to create and spread hope in these unprecedented times.
Photograph by Stef King @stefkingphoto
Rabia wears the Danielle Dress above and the Phillipa Dress in the Instagram Story upload.

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