Street Smith, March 2017

March 21, 2017

Street Smith, March 2017


"On Wednesday we documented the much anticipated WHITE STORY event as part of the VAMF Festival. The intimate lunch and parade was held in the WHITE STORY space, a collection of white minimalist rooms full of textures and styling details - neon light, fabric tubes, baby breath, ceramics, linen, furniture, product - all white. 

This was a first look at WHITE STORY's new collection. The classic clean crisp white shirt reimagined with details of silk, ribbon, and lace. A palette of white and black. Details varied, with closed and open necks, sheer and opaque fabrics, traditional and elongated cuffs. Something for every wardrobe and for every day."

- Excerpt from Street Smith Journal March 2019. 


Sizing Chart

White Story garments vary from fitted to relaxed off body styling. Please also take into consideration the fabrication chosen as some allow for stretch while others are structured. Each design is still created to fit around the measurement notes below. 


Numerical Sizing

Sizes 6 . 8 . 10 . 12 . 14

All measurements listed below are in centimetres and based on actual body measurements, not garment measurements.



Alpha Sizing

Sizes XS . S . M . L . XL

XS is equivalent to a size 6.

S is equivalent to a size 8.

M is equivalent to a size 10.

L is equivalent to a size 12.

XL is equivalent to a size 14.

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