Inside the 2019 annual white party

Inside the 2019 annual white party

"As hosted every year on the eve of Derby Day Fiona and Sidney Myer once again opened the gates of Cranlana, their heritage family home in Melbourne’s affluent Toorak, to celebrate their annual white party, gathering their guests in its stunning sunken garden to toast the key event on the spring racing season calendar. 

Founded in the garage of that very home on a small collection of eight white shirts, Myer toasted a brand milestone with the opening of its first bricks and mortar store on Armadale’s High Street.

Along with its partners, Bank of Melbourne and Archie Rose Distilling Co., this year’s white party saw the likes of the honourable Julie Bishop, joined by her partner David Panton and his daughter Laura, Deborah Hutton, Deeta Colvin, Michelle Battersby, Rozalia Russian, and model Montana Cox among many others in attendance, gathering under the towering marquee pitched within the grounds and gearing up for one of the spring racing carnival's biggest days."

 - Excerpt, Ana Eksouzian Cavadas , Vogue Australia November 2019


Image Credits: Liz Sunshine

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ISSUE DATE: 31.12.2019